• Identity design
  • Branded corporate jacket for women in gray
  • Branded corporate jacket for women in fuschia
  • Branded corporate jacket for men in black
  • Branded corporate jacket for men in dark gray
  • Branded corporate jacket for men in dark gray (back)

Group4 Labs™ is a scientific company that creates semiconductors out of extreme materials such as diamond. We were inspired by the simple purist culture of the company. They told us that the scientific semiconductor industry was quite conservative and frowned upon “flashy” type branding, as it is judged as “not serious”. Yet, this was an innovation company so we had to innovate but with a lot of restraint.

A scientific brand
We started the brand off with a German standardized font for the logo, which works really well with the scientific theme, the simplicity feel of the culture, and has nice oval shapes that allude to the roundedness of the wafers the company manufactures.

Scientific cool: Innovating within a conservative industry
How do you innovate & stand out from the crowd with “extreme materials” in your tagline while remaining within the bounds of a very conservative scientific industry at the same time? We feel we struck the perfect balance of boldness & subtlety by creating a very cool business card that is metallic gray in the front, alluding to the innovative extreme materials the company manufactures, with a blind embossed logo that adds oh so much understated cool but in a very restrained way. With business cards like that, you might as well hand them out saying: “My name is Bond, James Bond.” :-)

Cool corporate gear everyone wants to wear
We then selected corporate jackets that stuck very well with the branding of simple, understated scientific cool, with a touch of innovation in the details like seam-free rounded collars for women, unusual front pockets & unusual zippers with a zing for men. People inside & outside the company have been raving about the jackets. We’ve even had people that don’t usually like corporate gear tell us they wanted one of those jackets to wear. :-) And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make a scientific geek cool. :-)

I highly recommend
Splénium. They did an EXCELLENT job for us. They have an impeccable sense of style and they listen very well. We were particularly snobbish about our look-and-feel needs.
Chamsi and her team took to heart our objectives and did
a splendid job.