• Luxury brand logo & tagline design
  • Luxury color palette design
  • Product color palette design
  • Business cards
  • Website design: The Home page
  • Website design: The Benefits of Massage page
  • Website design: The About page
  • Brochure design front
  • Brochure design back: Testimonial design

Ensuena® offers luxury wellness products such as high-end electronic massage pads made in Germany that puts you in a state of bliss in 15 minutes.

Branding luxury relaxation
For the logo, we used a beautiful serif font that conveys luxury and mixed it with very soothing colors like aqua green, white, and different types of blues. We derived those colors from tropical paradise landscapes to convey a relaxed vacation feeling, and an overall spa feeling.
For the massage pad, we picked a very elegant, subtle, and luxurious color combination of cream and silver that works very well in most people’s homes.

Blissed out messaging
Ensuena® is the female adaptation of ensueño, which means dream in Spanish. We were inspired by the name to create a very dreamy relaxed messaging to convey the main benefit of using the massage pad:

  • An invitation to relax
  • Do not disturb
  • Take a mini-vacation
  • Passport to bliss

We translated this concept visually with images of tropical beaches, palm trees, white/cream-colored sand, and aqua blue water that are used on all the marketing communications.

A door hanger reminiscent of resort vacations
We were further inspired by the relaxing tropical vacation theme, and created a door hanger that acts as a “Do not disturb.” sign, which is reminiscent of the “Do not disturb.” signs in resort rooms. This is a great use of context to communicate the relaxation theme, entice the viewer to read the backside of the hanger, and increase the “shelf life” of the door hanger as some people might want to use it on their bedroom doors, for example, which increases the possibility that they will be exposed to the message more than once.

The website: Understated luxury made in Germany
We created a website for ensuena’s flagship product: the electronic massage pad made in Germany. It is a product website that we branded “a la ensuena”, and that encompasses the following:

  • Clean & clutter-free content organization, with split navigation bars among the most important elements (top nav), and secondary elements (bottom nav)
  • Highlights of trust-building/credibility elements such as testimonials, quality assurance certifications, and the fact that the product is made in Germany, which is automatically perceived as high-quality, high-end, solid construction, durable, trustworthy, and other positive attributes.
  • We selected testimonials that focused on the different benefits of using the massage pad. We made the testimonials big and written in the same beautiful luxury font as ensuena’s logo to tie them to the branding.
  • An “Every day free shipping in the US” button throughout the website so no matter where the potential buyer enters the website from, they will not miss it
  • A “Buy now” call-to-action button at the bottom of pertinent web pages
  • A press kit ready to go to make it easy for reporters, and bloggers to have all the information they need to write about Ensuena®

Before I hired Splénium,
I had no idea what went into
a high-end project. They
really helped to educate me.
When it comes to quality,
they set a very, very high bar.
As a result of Splénium’s involvement, I have more confidence that we'll be able
to develop a great brand.