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Marrakesh Boutique imports ethnic Moroccan art craft products for the home, and sells them in western countries.

East meets West branding Moroccan-style
We used a beautiful cherry red, a typical Moroccan color, as the main brand color, and we created a logo graphic inspired by Moroccan mosaics. We then brought in a modern touch to make it accessible to the Western markets the company caters to, by minimizing the color palette to 2 colors: Moroccan red and white, and simplifying the mosaic graphic to a minimum as well. Add to that straight-edged shapes, and a contemporary font treatment made of a mix of uppercase and lowercase et voila! You’ve got yourself an East meets West brand. Easy, peasy. :-)

Mosaic-inspired packaging
We then took the mosaic-inspired logo graphic, and made an elegant & warm pattern out of it, perfect for reinforcing the brand on the back of product tags, the inside of packaging boxes, the back of business cards, etc.

So rich, so red, so warm!
When we started this project, we were hugely inspired by the rich colors that we found in Moroccan carpets, the fact that Marrakesh is called the red city, and the warmth of the Moroccan culture. While there is a whole range of amazing colors in them (yellows, oranges, blues, etc.), we felt the Moroccan reds were absolutely out of this world, and so the main brand photo is a stack of Moroccan carpets that all have some red in them. Secondary brand photos highlight clay products, the clay color being a great complement to the red that adds an additional layer of warmth and richness to the palette.

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