• Branded product photo
  • Product branding: Hot pink logo on canvas bag
  • Design of the quote graphics that are printed on the products
  • Fashion branding
  • Product design: Hoodie
  • Product design: Shirt
  • Business card design with different quotes in the back
  • Promotional graphic design

Quote Couture® is a modern contemporary fashion brand that designs inspirational quotes on products such as t-shirts, hoodies, and canvas bags.

A bold & minimalistic brand: Keeping things to a minimum so the most important thing can stand out
We started with the branding & design of the products, and realized that the quotes were so powerful on their own, that they really didn’t need any graphics. So, the first choice was essentially to keep this brand minimalistic. Sometimes, the most important design choices are invisible, because they have to do with what you take out, not what you add in. Instead of graphics, we opted for a beautiful iconic sans-serif font that works beautiful in a bold weight to match the grandeur of the quotes. In the spirit of minimalism, we kept the color palette to a monochromatic minimum for the products, and the first collection we launched was black & white only.

When the logo makes the products cool, people want to wear it
The logo needed to be distinct, and memorable so we picked a fresh & contemporary hot pink to make a splash against the monochromatic backdrop of the products. This is not only great for brand recognition but actually makes the products even cooler and more appealing to wear. Imagine them without that splash of color.

Turning business card exchange into a memorable experience
The idea was to create a memorable business card that would stand out not just from a design standpoint but also from an experience standpoint. How do you create an experience from a piece of paper exchanging hands? We came up with an idea that yielded some great dividends. We chose 10 of the best quotes of the Quote Couture® collection, and we put them on the back of the cards. When someone would ask for a card, they would be offered to choose the quote they most resonated with. Suddenly, a common & plain activity was turned into an experience that’s fun, customized, memorable, and a great topic for further conversation. And in case, someone was not a big fan of quotes, they could choose the card with the fashion graphic of the “Quote Couture® girl” instead.

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Quote Couture canvas bags feature famous phrases from the likes of Virgil and Gandhi, perfect for showing off your smarts in style.

7x7 San Francisco Magazine's Best of the City issue cover image


Two groups of complete strangers came up to me
to take photos. I felt like
a rockstar! I knew the shirts
were unique but wow!


The Nelson Mandela quote inspires me as a person but also as an entrepreneur. It’s more than a t-shirt for me, it’s the message I want to portray.


I love how Quote Couture
tote bags fuse fashion and inspiration together while
being Earth Positive.
Plus the bright colors are
right on trend. Love it!